Future of Garland

The Garland District is known for its iconic landmarks such as the Garland Theater, Milk Bottle, Ferguson’s Café, and the Brown Derby.  If you grew up on the Northside of Spokane, you probably have a memories of spending time in the Garland District.  The great memories and eclectic feel is what the community loves about Garland. That being said, there has been a dream of those who live, work and enjoy Garland to see it become even more vibrant.  Garland - David Sams

The Garland Business District runs east and west on Garland Avenue from Madison, just west of Monroe to Howard Street.
It also encompasses the businesses on Providence, just south of Garland, as well as those on Post and Wall Streets.  Overall, there are over 80 businesses in the district.

The North Hill Neighborhood recently completed their 20-year neighborhood improvement plan.  One priority was to reinforce the identity of the neighborhood by supporting the Garland Business District in its plans for revitalization.

In 2015 the Garland Business District earned a grant through Impact Capital for hiring a consultant to identify the needs of the North Hill Neighborhood and Garland residents.  Property owners and business owners were asked for their input on the development of plans for rejuvenating the Garland District.   Garland property owners formed a committee to work with Meredith Noble of Stantec and Y.E.S. – You Express Studios.  They have been working together to survey the community, interview stakeholders and develop designs based on the survey results.

Ideas such as more bike racks, widened sidewalks, better outdoor seating, a theme for the District, and wayfinding signage, etc. were all shared.  Potential street layouts and façade improvements are all being created based on this feedback.

We hope you will be as excited about the Future of Garland as we are.

Stay tuned for future updates!

Please enjoy the video designed by Y.E.S.
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