Accurate Insurance

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909 W Garland Ave
Spokane WA 99205
(509) 456-8993

At Accurate Insurance Inc. our honesty and precision is evidence that we value our clients personally and professionally.We are a family owned independent agency with more than 50 years combined experience. Our agents have had the opportunity to watch families grow and businesses flourish and we are grateful to have played a small part in our clients’ lives.

Thank you for being a Premier Sponsor for the 2016 Garland Street Fair!

Integrity Insurance Solutions

Integrity Insurance Solutions3913 N Post St
Spokane, WA  99205
(509) 489-6903
Hours: Mon-Fri 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Personal Care to your Health Insurance Needs! At Integrity Insurance Solutions, we provide personal assistance in finding the right health insurance plan. We also assist in finding resources for individuals on a budget such as prescription drug assistance, Medicare savings programs and Medicaid. We offer plans from a variety of insurance carriers including individual and Medicare plans, dental, vision, final expense and life, as well as long-term care. We are certified to sell Medical health plans through the Washington Health Exchange.

We do not charge for our services. Julie, Char & Brianna are here to help you through the healthcare maze!