David Sams
David Sams
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Many of the regulars on Garland know David as the printing master of Garland Printing…He’s been working there since 1975. David is always willing to please and quietly handles the many demands from his clients with a smile. However, in the few moments of downtime that he has, you will find him perusing through the countless photos on his computer. He’s always willing to share a few of his favorites. David is an extraordinary photographer. He is a member of the Spokane Camera Club and has been the recipient several awards throughout the years. You can also find his art displayed at the Brickwall Photographic Gallery.

DavidMilk bottle.1 enjoys wandering through the Garland District and shooting pictures of things that intrigue him. He has an amazing talent of bringing life to his subjects.

We are so fortunate to have David as a part of the Garland District.