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Booklover’s Dream

A true Spokanite, Erin Johnson was born and raised in the Inland Northwest. She grew up with two avid readers for parents so it’s no wonder she caught the reading bug early. On a routine trip to a local used bookshop, she was granted every reader’s secret wish: a job in a bookstore.

Originally owned by Jo Ann Young, Booktraders has been in business for nearly 35 years in the Garland District. Young ran the shop for 24 years before eventually retiring and selling the business to Hal Moos in 2006. Upon buying the business, Moos tripled the inventory overnight with help from his massive home collection of books. Enter Miss Johnson.

Johnson began working part-time for Mr. Moos in mid-2010. For a few years, she spent her time organizing the store’s large selection of books and working her way up the managerial ladder before eventually buying out the owner in 2014.

Booktraders is now one of only a small handful of used bookstores left in the Spokane area. The store’s narrow aisles accommodate well over 120,000 titles of both fiction and nonfiction books. From hardcover history books to paperback romances and mysteries, customers rarely leave empty-handed. The books are housed on crammed shelves and in “author boxes” throughout the brick-front located in the heart of Garland.

Although the book business is ever-changing, Johnson plans to keep her shop prospering for many years to come.



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