Munchie’s Rockpile Custom Jewelry
Munchie’s Rockpile Custom Jewelry
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Munchie’s Rockpile is a Mom and Pop jewelry store on the East end of the Garland Business District. Marie and Chuck are the owners and only employees, so when you go to Munchie’s ​they’re the ones you will meet.

They​ started out as a home based business selling from ​their​ website​, as well as craft shows and fairs. At that time the jewelry business was just a love of ​theirs​ and something ​they​ did part time. ​They ​had some major shakeups in ​their​ chosen job fields in the early 2000’s and made the decision to take a leap of faith and open a brick and mortar location. Marie grew up in Spokane and had always loved the Garland District so ​they​ started ​their​ search there for a location​. They were lucky enough to find ​their​ current location at 604 W. Garland Ave. 13 years later.​..they are still in the same location.​

They ​specialize in Sterling Silver and Natural Gemstone jewelry​. They do jewelry repairs and some custom work. Chuck is also a Lapidarist and cuts Cabochons​,​ which is a specific cut of gemstone that features a domed top and flat bottom. ​They ​also carry mineral specimens, crystals, gemstones, fossils and more.

Curious about the name of our business? It’s named after one of our cats, Munchie. He was a special kitty with a special story. Stop on in, take a look around and ask us about him.




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